Wiseway Property Developments Ltd., is a Canadian owned company, with over 20 years of experience in rental homes, condos and multi-family units. Our firm has rental locations across Canada, Mexico and Costa Rica. We pride ourselves, by investing in properties that provide a strong return on investment and create rental opportunities, that exceed our competition standards. 



We research and invest in areas that have a low vacancy rate, allowing us excellent opportunities to purchase, renovate and rent out, quality, long term, rental units.  On the flip side, Wiseway Property Developments Ltd., also finds properties that are great investments for the purpose of renovating and reselling, providing our company strong returns on those short term investments.


Wiseway Property Developments Ltd., has Property Management companies in place for all rental units across Canada, to make the process of renting easy! All of our tenants renting short or long term, will receive professional attention, while trying to find the right property that fits their needs.


Great investment opportunities are always out there! Knowing when to hold or sell, comes with experience in the industry.  In the 20+ years that Wiseway Property Developments Ltd., has been in business, we have developed a solid business plan, with procedures in place to guide our company effectively, in buying and selling at the right time.